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Flood Gate Sitz & Steam | Reproductive Rites

Flood Gate Sitz & Steam | Reproductive Rites

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Yoni Steam | Sitz Bath | Womb Care | Herbal Teas | Uterine Toning | Proprietary Blend


12 servings plus one (1) reusable cotton tea bag


An anti-hemorrage emergency remedy for an acute crisis.


Powered by the Moon.


Hydrotherapy and alchemy for fatigued wombs. This blend offer STRENGTHENING, toning, pain management and styptic and blood replenishing qualities. Spiritually, this product allows the user to reconnect to the wombspace and restore the balance of their "life well" and capacity to bring forward spiritual tenacity and personal will revealing hidden your abilities. 


STAR INGREDIENTS: Shepherd's purse, lady's mantle, yarrow, nettles and red raspberry.


Ideal for post-partum recovery or if experiencing dysmenorrhea.

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