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Make Manifest Mist | Meditation Spray

Make Manifest Mist | Meditation Spray

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Meditation | Cleansing | Chakra



Experience the exquisite aroma and healing qualities of our cleansing, meditation and prayer tools. Sacred tools for balancing the chakras and enhancing your practices.


Powered by Carnelian, Citrine and the Moon Manifest your dreams with our Make Manifest Mist.


The powerful plant formula in this power tool was gifted to Lea Afia by Intuitive Healer Adalina East who studied holistic healing of herbalism in Eastern medicine in India.


HOW IT WORKS. This meditation mist clears away negative energy and protects your energy while you bring in prosperity, abundance and creativity and simultaneously raises the vibrations of the sacral(second) chakra---your creativity home base. Its sweet and calming scent allows for flow and flexibility, and the ease required to perform your manifestation works.


Use this mist while meditating and while actively peforming manifestation work. As the word says "Faith without works is dead" so after ritual engage in the work you seek to manifest and remember to anoint yourself so you can make it manifest. Witch Hazel Extraction.


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